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In recent years, scientific studies aware that Posidonia meadows are being seriously damaged by human action. Marine pollution derived from outfalls and discharges, along with indiscriminate anchoring, are some of the factors that make grasslands are declining.

Sometimes it is not easy for managers to see the seabed from the boat and distinguish the presence of Posidonia. Aspects such as the lack of light, the sunset or the turbidity of the waters, prevent the anchoring from being carried out in the correct areas, such as the sandbanks, without Posidonia.

To solve this and other problems; In addition, to prevent the deterioration of Posidonia, anchorage restrictions have been placed in the mediterranean.

The information regarding this restrictions can be found in the website for the south of France and more.

An interactive chart is available to help you figure out the restrictions in the area you are sailing here

Another web is available for the balearics islands :

Happy cruising in the Mediterranean to all